Down But Not Out

Down But Not Out DOWN BUT NOT OUT – Living Through Your Setbacks, Major Whacks and Broken- heart Attacks is winner of both the “EDIT IT” Book Award for Commitment To Achieving Precision In Communication and Mid-America Publisher’s Association Award for IllustratingHow to survive loss from change and change from loss and emerge stronger and more peaceful.

DOWN BUT NOT OUT gives you insight and support to:

  • Start healing – wherever you are at this moment
  • Tap into courage you don’t think you have
  • Silence the deafening voices of hurtful good-byes
  • Begin moving away from guilt – a paralyzing self-punishment

Learn skills to:

  • Regain your sense of security
  • Break out of your self-abuse theme park
  • Release anger and fear
  • Treat your emotionally attacked heart as you would a physical heart attack

What people say:

“Jeanne Sexson weaves insight and humor into a no-nonsense book for anyone who is hurting. A great tool for those at a crossroads in life. If you are feeling down, DOWN BUT NOT OUT points you in the right direction.”

– Judy Ault, Foundation Coordinator Alabama Foundation for Oncology

“Very comprehensive and thought-provoking. Excellent for anyone needing a lift in spirit, a realistic look at life, or just a gentle boost.”

– Dr. Joseph A. McCollough, Executive Director American Academy of Bereavement

“DOWN BUT NOT OUT has become my survival guide. Like filling a thirst after being in the hot sun all day. Thank you for giving me a plan!”

– Jerri Lee, a woman shattered by Divorce after 29 years of marriage

“A basic survival guide. Well written. Applicable to those with a chronic disease and their family, friends, and helpers serving as a supporting cast. I particularly like each chapter ending with an exercise. A useful tool for support group facilitators.”

– Beth L. Kaufman, Health Educator Lupus Foundation of America

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